Antarctic Paleobiology: Its Role in the Reconstruction of by James W. Collinson (auth.), Thomas N. Taylor, Edith L.

By James W. Collinson (auth.), Thomas N. Taylor, Edith L. Taylor (eds.)

Antarctic Paleobiology discusses the present prestige of paleobiology, largely paleobotany and palynology in Antarctica, and the interrelationship of Antarctic floras to these of different Gondwana continents. It presents a vast assurance of the key teams of vegetation at the one hand, whereas at the different looking to assessment the vegetational heritage and the actual and organic parameters that effect the distribution of floras via time and house. The biologic task is mentioned inside a framework of the geologic background, together with the tectonic and paleogeographic heritage of the zone. eventually, the reader will discover a complete bibliography of Gondwana paleobotany and palynology.

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Although this break might have weakened the monsoonal system in the Southern Hemisphere as it destroyed the Pangaean monsoon (Parrish et al. 1982; Parrish and Doyle 1984), Gondwana was probably large enough to sustain a monsoonal climate on its own (Parrish et al. 1982). The position of Gondwana in the Late Jurassic was similar to that in the Ordovician, with the South Pole near the coast and Africa extending north of the equator. However, Southern Hemisphere glacial deposits are unknown (Hambrey and Harland 1981).

Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 47: 195-223 Hambrey MJ, Harland WB (eds) (1981) Earth's Pre-Pleistocene Glacial Record, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Hargraves RB, Dawson EM, Van Houten FB (1987) Paleomagnetism and age of mid-Paleozoic ring complexes in Niger, West Africa, and tectonic implications. Royal Astronomical Society Geophysical Journal 90:705-729 Heckel PH, Witzke BJ (1979) Devonian world palaeogeography determined from distribution of carbonates and related lithic palaeoclimate indicators.

For example, in numerical experiments with a global circulation model, Kutzbach and Guetter (1986) found that, although the North American ice sheet affected circulation strongly throughout the last glacial, the strength of the Asian monsoon responded much more strongly to orbitally induced changes in insolation. 1. Predictions for continental glaciation and monsoonal circulation on Gondwana. Predictions Time Late Ordovician Late Silurian Early Devonian Early Carboniferous Late Carboniferous Permian-Early Jurassic Late Jurassic Continental glaciation Monsoonal circulation Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No Weak Yes Strong Yes togeography.

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