An Ordinary Girl by Betty Neels

By Betty Neels

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I'm Flora and this is Rose. There are three more of us, but Lucy's spending the weekend with friends and Katie's finishing her homework. And PhiIly A door at the back of the kitchen opened, letting in a great deal of cold air, and Philomena, wrapped in a variety of coats and scarves, with her head tied in some kind of a hood, came in. ' She cast off some of the garments and looked across the kitchen at the tall man standing beside her father. ' She smiled at him and then saw Sybil, crouching by the Aga.

That was followed by the even sadder thought that the Professor didn't much like her. Though I like him, she reflected, and it's a great shame that he's going to marry that awful Sybil. I wish I were as lovely to look at as she is... The Professor turned off into the maze of narrow roads which would lead to Nether Ditchling. He was enjoying the drive, although he wasn't sure why. Philly, sitting like a mouse beside him and not uttering a word, was nevertheless the ideal companion, not distracting his thoughts with questions and trivial chatter.

He was on his way to see his girlfriend in Hackney, he explained. He was a seasoned cyclist, rode miles, he added proudly, but like a fool he'd taken a shortcut recommended by a friend and lost his way... `You poor boy,' said Mrs Selby. ' Professor Forsyth said quietly, 'After a good rub down and dry clothes. You said that there will be no chance of a hot bath? ' The vicar spoke. 'If everyone here will agree, we will use the hot water for a bath for this lad. ' There was a murmur of agreement and he led the young man away.

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