An American Among Orientals by JAMES E. P. BOULDEN, M.D.


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America and the Armenian Genocide of 1915 (Studies in the Social and Cultural History of Modern Warfare)

Lengthy earlier than Rwanda and Bosnia and the Holocaust, the 1st genocide of the 20 th century happened in Turkish Armenia in 1915. The essays during this assortment learn how americans discovered of this disaster and attempted to aid its sufferers. wisdom and compassion, despite the fact that, weren't sufficient to prevent the killings, and a poor precedent was once born in 1915.

Living in the Ottoman Ecumenical Community: Essays in Honour of Suraiya Faroqhi (Ottoman Empire and Its Heritage)

This booklet devoted to Suraiya Faroqhi indicates that the early smooth global used to be not just characterised by way of its having been cut up up into states with closed frontiers. Writing heritage "from the bottom," via treating the Ottoman Empire and different nations as "subjects of history," reduces the significance of political borders for doing old examine.

Daily Life in the Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire was once an Islamic imperial monarchy that existed for over six hundred years. on the peak of its energy within the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, it encompassed 3 continents and served because the center of worldwide interactions among the east and the west. And whereas the Empire was once defeated after international struggle I and dissolved in 1920, the far-reaching results and affects of the Ottoman Empire are nonetheless in actual fact noticeable in latest international cultures.

Syria and Bilad al-Sham under Ottoman Rule (The Ottoman Empire and Its Heritage: Politics, Society and Economy)

This quantity honours the paintings of Abdul-Karim Rafeq, the most important historian of Ottoman Syria. Rafeqs primary contribution to the learn of the social historical past of Syria among the 16th and 19th centuries lies in his pioneering use of the assets of the Islamic courtroom files, the sijill? t>/i> within the ma?

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The 63 best cafes are those in the vicinity of the There cemetery, both within and without the city. appears to be a penchant in the East to seek for pleasure and enjoyment amid the gloomy abodes of the dead ; and, with many a curiously wrought tomb stone rising up to the view which, engraven in gilded all around them, upon letters, are inscriptions re cording the virtues of some one who has gone to his admonishing the looker-on of the long account, or uncertainty of this life, and the preparations neces sary to the enjoyment of a perfect one in Paradise, are, every evening, seated a merry throng, smoking, and chatting, drinking, listening to the soft strains of Italian music, or the less refined but stranger tones of a Turkish band.

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