Adventure Guide Turkey, 1st Edition by Samantha Lafferty

By Samantha Lafferty

If, like me, you're a bit bored with the ethnocentric social observation that turns out to come back with yes popular guidebooks you then might do worse than do that one. basic to exploit, good written and exact, i discovered it priceless and could not fault any of its techniques nor descriptions.

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University graduates must complete six months as a private soldier or 12 months as a reserve officer. Anyone trying to avoid the call-up faces legal action and will be prevented from traveling abroad. Introduction abundance in Turkey’s stores. These women dye their hair, wear lots of makeup and enjoy more independence in their lives. 52 n People & Culture Aya Sofya was constructed between 532 and 527 AD. n RELIGION From the first dawn light until after dusk, the Ezan, or call to prayer, rings out from grand, marble domed mosques and one-room brick mosques alike.

Anatolia was crossed east to west by the caravan routes on the Silk Road. Thereafter, internal dissent and the invasion of the Mongols led to the collapse of the Seljuk Sultanate. Anatolia again descended into a fragmented land ruled by different groups, including the Ottomans. HISTORICAL TOURS If you want to bring the history of Turkey to life, try one of these companies, both of whom use historians to lead the tours. com), an award-winning travel company based in the UK, has four trips exploring Ottoman architecture, Central Anatolian civilizations, Greco-Roman ruins and the Byzantine-Ottoman capital of Istanbul.

When the new leader, Mustafa Kemal, took control of the country, he wanted to create an imperishable Turkish nation and began to assimilate Kurds into that society. He not only denied the Kurds autonomy, he denied their existence. Kurdish schools were closed and Kurdish language, education, dress and names were prohibited. OCALAN’S PKK In 1974, the same year Turkey was defending its people in Cyprus, a Kurd named Abdullah Ocalan gathered a group of friends in Ankara to form a liberal resistance group.

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