Advances in X-Ray Analysis: Volume 23 by C. G. Clayton, T. W. Packer (auth.), John R. Rhodes,

By C. G. Clayton, T. W. Packer (auth.), John R. Rhodes, Charles S. Barret, Donald E. Leyden, John B. Newkirk, Paul K. Predecki, Clayton O. Ruud (eds.)

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Analyzer makes use of a radioisotope as the source of exciting radiation with balanced filter pairs for energy selection. The filters have similar transmissivities excepting for a passband bracketing the fluorescent wavelength characteristic of the element sought. A scintillation crystal with photomultiplier and counter detect the fluorescent emissions over set counting periods. Display was in ratemeter form in the original model but digital displays have been used in subsequent models. The equipment is typically about 12 to 20 lbs in weight and can be either battery or mains operated.

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3. B. D. Rayment, G. R. Davis and J. D. Willson, "Controls to Mineralization at Wheal Jane, Cornwall," Trans. Instn. Min. Metall. (Sect. B: Appl. ) 80, B224-237 (August 1971). APPLICATIONS OF A NEW truLTIELEMENT PORTABLE X-RAY SPECTROHETER TO MATERIALS ANALYSIS C. von Alfthan and P. Rautala Outokumpu Oy Espoo, Finland J. R. Rhodes Columbia Scientific Industries Austin, Texas 78766 ABSTRACT A new hand-portable, microprocessor-based, multielement X-ray fluorescence analyzer is described. The instrument is light in weight (19 lb), completely self-contained and powered by internal rechargeable batteries.

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