Advances in Mathematical Economics Volume 17 by Shigeo Kusuoka, Toru Maruyama

By Shigeo Kusuoka, Toru Maruyama

Loads of fiscal difficulties will be formulated as limited optimizations and equilibration in their options. a number of mathematical theories were delivering economists with quintessential machineries for those difficulties bobbing up in monetary conception. Conversely, mathematicians were motivated via a number of mathematical problems raised through fiscal theories. The sequence is designed to collect these mathematicians who're heavily attracted to getting new difficult stimuli from fiscal theories with these economists who're looking potent mathematical instruments for his or her study.

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Sweeping process with regular and nonregular sets. J. Differ. Equat. 193, 1–26 (2003) 46. : Contribution ł’Analyse Convexe, Thesis Paris (1970) 47. : On conditional expectation of random sets. Annali di Matematica 126(1):81–91 (1980) 48. : Conditional expectation and ergodic theorem for a positive integrand. J. Nonlinear Convex Anal. 1, 233–244 (2002) Adv. Math. Econ. 17, 39–70 (2013) Discounted optimal growth in a two-sector RSS model: a further geometric investigation* M. edu) Received: March 11, 2012 Revised: October 31, 2012 JEL classification: D90, C62, O21 Mathematics Subject Classification (2010): 91B62, 39A11, 52A41, 49K24, 37E05 Abstract.

A. Khan and T. Mitra V 45° line M11 M8 M6 M5 G M9 M10 M7 β2 β β0 β1 α2 α0 β3 tan-1ξ α3 D DЈ tan-1(1/ξ) ~ x xc M α1 M4 Fig. 4 Stability or instability of a 2-period cycle 45° line M8 M6 G M5 m02 m01 m12 m11 c12 c11 n11 M7 tan-1(1/ξ) DЈ m0 m1 tan-1ξ M tan-1(1-d) C ~ x n1 M4 Fig. 5 Determination of ρ1 in the case ξ(1 − d) < 1 Fig. 4 which is focussed on the figure MM8 M6 M4 , a subset of the square M1 M2 M3 M4 , a third step in progressive magnification. It is now easy to see that any plan on the segment MD , say α0 , by completion of the square, leads to the plan α1 and thence to the plans α2 , α3 , · · · , eventually converging to the capital stock x, ˜ and hence to the unique 2-period cycle.

Ann. Probab. 1, 63–92 (2003) 20. : Generalized gradients and applications. Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 205, 274–262 (1975) 21. : Proximal smoothness and the lower C2 property. J. Convex Anal. 2, 117–144 (1995) 22. : On the strong of large numbers for pairwise independent random variables. Acta Math. Hung. 42, 319–330 (1983) 23. : Strong laws of large numbers in abstract spaces via Skorohod’s representation theorem. Sankhy¯a Ser. A 48(1), 98–103 (1986) 24. : Strong convergence of weighted sums of random elements through the equivalence of sequences of distributions.

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