Advanced physical chemistry experiments by J.N. Gurtu, Amit Gurtu.

By J.N. Gurtu, Amit Gurtu.

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No. Time (sec) l. 2. 3. 4. ... , Voltage (volt) Current (rnA) J .. Calculations : (a) For charging of capacitor Plot a graph in voltage and time and another in current and time [Fig. 9(a), 9(b)1. 10 ~----------------- Vo~----------------- I (mA) t t -+ Time (sec) --. TIme (sec) (b) (a) Fig. 9. 63 Vo' Compare it with theoretical value ""RC. (b) For discharging of capacitor Plot one graph in voltage and time, and another in current and time. 37 V. Compare it with the theoretical value. Result: Time constant of circuit from the graph = ...

As a result, a bright spot is observed on the screen of the CRT. By applying voltage to the horizontal and vertical deflection plates (in the CRT), the beam is deflected in any desired direction. To display a voltage wave, it is connected to the vertical input of the oscilloscope. To the horizontal deflection plates, a sawtooth wave voltage is applied internally. Circuit diagram : The circuit diagram for finding the output voltage of the audio signal generator with the help of CRO is shown in fig.

B) Are the two means significantly different? 365. 365, the null hypothesis is correct and the difference is not significant. Example 2 ; A chemist analyses a sample of iron ore furnished by the Bureau of Standards and obtains the following results. 05, n = 10. 60% Fe. Are the results significantly different? 262. 262, the results are significantly different from the Bureau's value. [VI] CRITERIA FOR REJECTION OF AN OBSERVATION Sometimes a person performing measurements is faced with one result in a set of replicates which seems to be out of line with the others, and he then must decide whether to exclude this result from further consideration.

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