ABC Light Aircraft Recognition (Ian Allan ABC) by Peter R March

By Peter R March

This booklet positive factors the various kinds of gentle plane to be visible, every one illustrated with complete information on pace, strength plant, editions and so forth.

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79m) Max cruising speed: 160mph (257km/h) Accommodation: Two in tandem First aircraft flown: October 1970 Production: Plans and kits available Variants: None. The design rights were purchased by Hale Wallace in 1990. 65m) Max cruising speed: 95mph (153km/h) Accommodation: Two side-by-side seats First aircraft flown: 1938 Similar variants: Taylorcraft AlBc/BC-6S/Plus C/O, Auster 1 Left: Taylorcraft 8C-120. PRM Below: Taylor JT2 Titch. 17m) Max cruising speed: 150mph (241 km/h) Accommodation: Pilot plus one passenger in tandem First aircraft flown: 1 November 1957 (Starduster 1); late 1960s (Starduster Too) Production: Plans were available for amateur constructors Similar variants: Stolp SA-300 Starduster Too is the two-seat sporting biplane version.

Main wheels fixed but nosewheel retracts. Variants: The Cozy was developed as a side-by-side version of the Long-Ez. ---'-:;--l Above: Rutan Varieze. PRM I LIGHT AIRCRAFT LIGHT AIRCRAFT Scheibe SF-2S Falke. 55m) Max cruising speed: 80mph (130km/h) Accommodation: Two side-by-side seats First aircraft flown: May 1963 (SF-2SA); March 1971 (SF-25C) Production: 1,031 Recognition: Single nose-engine-powered low-wing sailplane with high-aspect ratio wings with marked dihedral and square tips. Very short nose.

PRM Left: De Havilland DH89A Dragon Rapide. 63m) Max cruising speed: 105mph (169km/h) Accommodation: Pilot plus passenger in side-by-side seating First aircraft flown: 9 May 1934 Production: 165 Right: De Havilland DH94 Moth Minor. DJM De Havilland DH94 Moth Minor Left: De Havilland DH878 Hornet Moth. 49m) Max cruising speed: 75mph (121km/h) Accommodation: Pilot only Production: Construction by amateur builders Variants: Evans VP-2 is a two-seat version. Left: Denney Aerocraft Kitfox 3. 5kW) Continental A-65-8.

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