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4 th x-co-ordinate of a point is called c. Origin d. Critical point a. Abscissa b. Ordinate y-co-ordinate of a point is called c. Origin d. Critical point a. Abscissa b. Ordinate For all the points lying on a line II to x-axis b. ordinates are same a. abscissas are same c. both co-ordinates are same d. none of these For al the points lying on a line II to yaxis a. Abscissas are same b. Ordinates are same co-ordinates are same d. None of these Both c. The point (2,0) lies on c. Both axes a. X-axis b.

The co-ordinates of a given point determines the exact location of that point. Now, in the following chapter we shall study about the straight line, equation of a straight line in its various forms, perpendicular distance between two given straight lines, slope of straight line, condition for the concurrency of three straight lines etc. LINE SEGMENT - Line segment is the shortest distance between two given points. Thus every line segment has a definite length equal to the shortest distance between its two end points.

J3] 2 d. both (b) and (c) /41/ 50. 0 The cartasian co-ordinates of point (2,120 )are a. 51. 53. 55. 56. 57. (2,-F3) b. 61. 62. (-F3,1) d (2,F3) ) are c. (2,2F3) d (-1,-1) +y2 = 2ax into polar co-ordinate system is b. r2 = 2acos 8 c. r = 2asin 8 d. r2 =2asin 8 The transfunn ed equat::bn ofX2 The transformed equation of y2=4ax into polar co-ordinate system is a. r sin 8 = 4a cos8 b. r sin28 = 4a cos8 c. r cos 8 = 4a sin8 d. r cos 28 = 4a sin8 The equation of circle X2+y2 = 16 in polar co-ordinates system is a.

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